Printing Standards Implementation Guide


KEE Consultants’ Implementation Guide is a step by step guide that allows any printer to easily implement printing standards, using an internal resource or with the help of an external consultant.
The combination of KEE’s GAA and KEE’s implementation guide is the ideal path for any company to succeed its conformity to industry printing certifications: fogra PSO® or RIT PSA®.

This 100 pages+ guide addresses the following topics :
- About Standards, Standardization and Certification
- Project Management (leader definition, scheduling, ROI, project monitoring)
- Quality Management (organization and documentation)
- Premedia Standards (ISO 15930, ISO 3664, ISO 12646...)
- Premedia standardization in Practice (standards implementation)
- Prepress Standards (ISO 15930, ISO 12647...)
- Prepress standardization in Practice (standards Implementation)
- Printing Standards (ISO 12647-2, TR015 G7®, ISO/DIS 15339 or ANSI/CGATS 21-1, ISO 3664...)
- Print standardization in practice (standards implementation)

KEE’s Implementation Guide also includes a full documentation that will help you build a quality control system from scratch, even if you are not a quality engineer.
This guide annexes include:
• Examples of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
• Examples of protocols (step by step operations)
• Example of a Quality Manual
• 25 customizable templates of Standard
Operating Procedures, Step-By-Step Instructions and Record sheets, for Premedia, Prepress and Printing Room operations
• Bibliography and webography

By following this guide, you will benefit from the long experience of international experts that have helped more than 150 companies worldwide conform to international printing standards and obtain G7®, PSO® or PSA® certification.

Download KEE Consultants's Printing Standards Implementation Guide by clicking the link.