Access your Gap Analysis Audit Restricted Area

KEE Consultants' remote Gap Analysis Audit consists of a comprehensive questionnaire of more than 100 questions that the company will fill online.
This questionnaire will cover the company's management, tools and working practices in the following areas: Quality Assurance - File generation - File Reception - PrePress - Printing.
Once this questionnaire is filled, the audited company will get automatic access to a set of forms that will have to be proofed and printed according to a provided guideline.
Once the required material is received by KEE Consultants, it will be assessed according to FOGRA PSO® or RIT PSA® certification schemas requirments.
One month later, the company will receive the Gap Analysis Audit Report advising on the systems and practices that need to be improved and /or implemented to achieve PSO® or PSA® conformity in the following areas:

Color Management and preflighting
PDF generation, reception and preflighting
Proof production, verification and control
RIP settings
Print production, verification and control
Viewing conditions
Measuring devices, calibration and certification
Staff training and knowledge
Records and documentation

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